Juanita De Villiers

Juanita is a woman called of God and a Minister of the Gospel. She is also the author of Ministry of the Saints in the Kingdom: Discover your Place of Function as a Saint in the Body of Christ; In Balance: Spirit, Soul and Body; Seeds and Seasons and On Your Way to Destiny.

 Can you briefly tell us who you are

I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. Life has always been challenging, but as a woman I have learnt to persevere and not allow any circumstance to deter me from the purpose God pre-ordained for my life. My life is totally Christ-centred and my aim is to be a living example of the Word of God and allowing this to overflow into the lives of others.

I have invested fifteen years of my life in the secular world. In this period I have obtained my National Diploma in Business Management. I also had a passion to facilitate the workforce; training workers to Improve Workplace Performance in the areas of communication, teamwork, problem-solving and adding value to the organization.

At present I am a passionate Teacher and Minister of the Word of God, and in my call to the Ministry I have completed my Ministry Training and Ordination. I hold the following scripture dear to my heart: ‘The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed; to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.’ (Luke 4:18-19 NKJV)

Since my early childhood singing has been part of my life. Oh how I love to sing! I have been on a nineteen-year journey with the Four Him Alone Gospel Vocal Group. We have released our double-disc album in 2010 and our most recent one in December 2016.

I am also an Author to the following books: Ministry of the Saints in the Kingdom: Discover your Place of Function as a Saint in the Body of Christ, In Balance: Spirit, Soul and Body, Seeds and Seasons  and On Your Way to Destiny

 Tell us about your journey with the Lord so far

Life is a journey, and without the Lord in my life; there is no LIFE.

God has indeed been faithful. I have encountered different seasons in my life, but in my winter seasons I had to guard myself against spiritual depression.  Persistent faith-filled prayers, mixed with a heart of thanksgiving and a voice of praise, kept me going. My faith in God allowed me to position myself in His strength and rise above the wind and waves.

Serving the Lord whole-heartedly has always been important to me. I have come to realize that the response to the call on my life becomes much more than just operating in a gift, skill or talent. He does not only want my gift. In actual fact He wants my heart – A life sold out to Him alone.

I am ever growing and -learning, and I am on this journey discovering new and greater realms in God. My desire is to always allow Him into the depth of my heart and continue to live a life led by the Spirit of God. I hold myself accountable to continual spiritual evaluation. This is much necessitated to keep pace with the purposes and plans of God for my life.

Please tell us about your work and ministry

Firstly, I am totally committed to the vision of my local church. I am a firm believer to work alongside the Set Man of my local assembly, because it definitely holds a spiritual reward.

In my own capacity I do accept formal invitations to:

  • Minister the Word of God at Churches/Organizations
  • Conferences
  • Empower and Motivate Women

As a Minister of the Gospel, Teacher of the Word and an Author, I have always availed myself to impart into the lives of others. I believe that everyone has a different faith assignment, because some are called to ten, while others are called to one hundred, thousands or millions. We are successful when we do what God called us to do, no matter how small or big the assignment is.

What led to your passion for helping and motivating others?

God restored my life after being in a ten-year backslidden condition. A few years later my life was still shattered, simply because I did not have the complete understanding how I was created to function. Being bound to my past propelled me to seek the face of the Lord. Today I deem it very important for everyone in the Body of Christ to make a conscious effort; get into the Word of God and study it openly.

I always had a deep concern for the spiritual growth of God’s people and the Church of Jesus Christ. I studied the Word of God and at the same time my interest to read and analyse biblical-based spiritual books ignited. I sowed my gift and time into my local church and in this manner compiled a number of teaching manuals. This was aimed at empowering the born-again believer; taking them through all the stages and simultaneously encourage them to reach maturity in Christ. My gift of writing flowed out of my intimate worship, studying of the Word and close fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

I am living my prophetic destiny because I believe that which had been spoken  came to pass. God gave me new vision and new hearing, and raised me up to speak to systems and things that are dormant. I had to persist, even when some did not believe the validity of my mission.

Chiefly, every life is precious to God and I avail myself to do my part in the kingdom: To reach and teach people to function as overcoming sons of God and subsequently propel them into their destiny.

How has your work and ministry impacted the lives of people?

In my years of ministry I have seen growth in the lives of both young and old. Here is some feedback:

‘I have learnt about the kingdom of God and what God’s requirements for my life are. It has given me a total different outlook on life. I’ve learnt how to pray more effectively as well as how to resist the temptations of Satan. I am much more mature spiritually and I endeavour to serve God in Spirit and truth…’ (42 year old male)

‘As a young person, learning more about God has changed my life completely. I have grown and discovered that there is plenty God wants me to do, and that I need Him in all aspects of my life.’ (20 year old male)

‘I am a nineteen year old born again Christian. I grew up in a church where we were never taught to have a personal relationship with God. I was a person who struggled a lot with unforgiveness, but since I have read these teachings I have discovered that forgiveness is the key to my freedom in Christ. Ignorance was the type of darkness I experienced the more I learnt about God; the more light came into the situations I faced as a believer.’ (19 year old female)

As an Author I have also received positive feedback from the readers. Many stated that the material empowered them to overcome challenges and that they have received depth and insight to persistently pursue their God-given purpose.

My JDV Christian Books online bookstore is also available to the public: www.ecwid.com/store/store7615616

I believe many will be touched, changed and empowered. To God be all the Glory!

What does an average week look like for you?

  • Part-time administrator at a church organisation as well as a business organisation
  • Growing the family business that is still in its infancy stage
  • Family time
  • Weekly commitment to the local church
  • Maintaining a spirit of readiness when the Holy Spirit bestows fresh revelation
  • My personal time of Prayer and Intercession
  • Ministry appointments whether in song or ministry of the Word

What is the best advice you were ever given?

A powerful man of God told me: ‘You have to will to do the will of God. You have to love what God loves. You have to hate what God hates – This is the highest measurement of God’

Thus, my response still is: ‘I surrender all to You Lord’.

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