It’s Time

“During the second half of 2017, God began speaking to me about impacting Parliament with righteousness, truth, reconciliation and a spirit of nation building. Arlene and I fasted and prayed and diligently sought God for direction. We also consulted our ministry oversight for Godly council.”

Fast-forward to the present – and the vision to impact Parliament and the provincial legislatures in 2019 has become much clearer. Errol have been traveling around the country since April this year sharing this vision with thousands of Pastors, civil society leaders and Christian citizens. The vision, (in a nutshell), is to significantly increase the numbers of Godly men and women in Parliament next year in a political party that uncompromisingly stands on Biblical values.

He had several meetings with the ACDP and they have enthusiastically embraced the vision. Working with the leadership, we will revitalize the party with a major brand upgrade.

Errol Naidoo has also secured the critical expertise of a media performance consultant and social media expert to help plan and execute the ACDP’s General Election Campaign strategy.They are currently raising the funding to rebuild the ACDP website and other social media platforms so it will smoothly and effectively interface with the greater social media campaign.

In addition, they are in the process of purchasing campaign management software used by the likes of Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron to drive radical increases in voter engagement and manage structures and fundraising strategies to run an effective Election Campaign.

The ACDP’s goal is to become the third largest political party in Parliament in 2019. The ACDP plans to occupy the space currently held by the EFF. It hopes to replace the hatred, racism and division of the EFF with righteousness, truth, reconciliation and nation building.

This is possible because over the past 4 years, more than 1.5 million Christian citizens interceded for a Godly Parliament and prayed for more Godly men and women in SA’s governance. If just the Christians – who prayed for more Godly men and women in Parliament – voted for the ACDP in 2019, we will increase the current 3 MP’s to 30 plus in a Bible-based political party. These 30 + MPs have – sold out to God – can and will change the atmosphere in Parliament.

Millions of Christians are sick and tired of rampant ANC corruption and mismanagement, DA compromise and anti-Christian discrimination and EFF racism, hatred and division.

This vision has resonated with thousands of Christians across the country. Many have contacted me offering their assistance.

If you want to sign on and get involved please email me at

Article Source: Family Policy Institute


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