Fight your Goliath

David Jantjies

Fight your Goliath today with childlike faith.

It’s time to fight your Goliath today with childlike faith in God.

You know about its existence.

You know it has the power to play havoc if not contained, or better even, be eradicated.

This one thing stands between myself and happiness – it often stands between me and God.

Let’s call it Goliath – as in the one David had to face, standing up for God.

Goliath comes in all  forms, shapes and sizes.

Goliath comes from north, south, east and west.

Goliath comes from friends within and foes without.

Goliath comes to the worst and even the best.

Goliath will shamelessly use your loved ones to get to you.

Goliath has no business with your finances, but he will shamelessly use your purse to derail you.

The church exists to bring glory and honor to the name of God, but Goliath will shamelessly use even the church to make you doubt God.

Your workplace, your position in it, or your enterprise have been given to you by God, but Goliath will crudely attempt to rob you of it.

However, today God says enough is enough, he has heard your cry and victory is yours here and now.

God says he will show up, move in, transpose every threat and every peril aimed at you.

God says he will show up, empower you, strengthen you, and supernaturally destroy your Goliath.

No more running around in circles not knowing what will be next.

No more wondering who says what and why is this and that not going according to plan.

Invite God into your life, your affairs and your success like never before.

Trust him now with childlike faith and experience the greatest fall of your Goliath. Fight your Goliath today with childlike faith. It’s time to fight your Goliath today with childlike faith in God.

You know about its existence.



David C Jantjies is an acclaimed educationist and leader in his community and church. Apart from having been a high school principal and inspector of schools, David also landed himself senior management positions in national rail transport and in the central bank of South Africa.

David has extensively traveled his home country, South Africa, as well as Nigeria, Lesotho, Swaziland, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Namibia, several European countries, and the United States of America. He has represented his church internationally several times, worshiped with bishops and priests, yet he also sat down to pray and share bread with the down-and-out.

However, it is David’s unequivocal passion for the saving of souls, caring for the needy, and praying with those whose words have stuck in their throats, that keeps on driving him forward. He fervently believes that, “What lies behind us and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

This outstanding example of servitude is an astute motivational speaker, a preacher and inspirational writer. He is also a qualified South African National Tourist Guide, project coordinator, loves singing, and plays the guitar. His forte is undoubtedly working with the youth, propelling them to unprecedented heights of excellence.

David owns a Teacher’s Diploma, a BA-degree, a B.Ed.-degree, and a Master’s degree in Education. He currently pursues his Ph.D.

Contact details:


Mobile: 27-82-697-2777

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